Loan Options and Priority Money Club

Priority Money Club
Loan Options

Loan Options and Priority Money Club are the most popular fee-based brokerage services for personal loans. They both also share the launch year of 2010. Beginning with Loan Options, they cover a wide spectrum of products. This includes credit cards, debt management and even energy switching. This company is based in Bridgend and they are found at They claim to handle over 3000 applications daily. This may be more of a ploy to attract in further leads, but there is no doubt that they are a popular outfit. A service membership fee is charged at £67.76 and this is debited within the time frame of 62 days.

Refunds can be received on request once securely logged in that will take 7 days. Their application form allows applicants to select amounts between £100 and £100,000 and they have a panel of around 20 direct lenders. The Priority Money Club loans can be securely applied for through and a customer login is provided outside on a separate website on the ( Search engine data shows that Priority Money Club is roughly twice as popular as Loan Options. Whenever I make financial searches on Google I do commonly see their ads displayed and so paid search looks to be a major business channel for them.

They are based in Leeds and their loans are headed between £500 and £5000 with a term range of 3 to 60 months. A sample rate of 55.9% is provided, but no further information surrounds their lender panel. The Priority Money Club broker fee was priced at £69, but this has recently been raised to £79.95. You can get a refund when cancelling within 14 days. Their loan matching service lasts for 10 weeks and if they can’t help you in this time then you can receive a refund minus £5. This required fee is hidden away and so you can see how some applicants can end up entering into an agreement by mistake.