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Umbrella Loans

Update: Lender closed (more details to follow).

Umbrella Loans is a direct lender that launched back in the year 2010 at This North West company was based in Bolton, but it appears that they have now moved 30 minutes away to Warrington. They have carried a low profile since launch although expansion does appear likely, through new directors and investors joining the company in 2013. Payday loans are available here with a fixed monthly term and the cash sums that can be applied for range between £100 and £500 for all applicants. This monthly product is competitively priced at the rate of 25% and so there is a £25 per £100 charge.

Fast funding is provided and there is no extra charge for this. Umbrella Loans are only issued between their opening hours that run on working days only between the times of 9am and 5pm. Once the application is received they will need to underwrite it, but they don’t appear to ask for too much in the manner of eligibility. A login and SSL are in place at, but there is an issue to note here. This is that when you browse the site and head on to the application form the encryption doesn’t trigger itself. Due to this, you will have to add https into the browser bar manually.

There is a lack of customer reviews for this lender on the web. The team behind the company has top business credentials though and this brand has took on membership with the BCCA. Their biggest asset lies in the competitive pricing that beats many of the leading monthly lenders today. Whether or not they can compete directly with these big names remains to be seen. More focus will certainly need to be directed into advertising that makes all of the difference these days. Although they have new investors that can do this, their social pages (Facebook/Twitter) haven’t been updated for a long time now that is surprising due to the changes made.