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LoanMyMotor is one of the newer logbook lenders on the circuit having sprung up just after the summer of 2012 at My first encounter with this company came from spotting their listing on Loanfinder. Here they were ranked #1 in the logbook section, although this was only based on several reviews made and so the review authenticity is difficult to determine. This firm is based at Wembley and they state that they also have a Manchester branch. However, no address details are provided for this second office, with them just providing additional contact numbers for a few agencies. These are listed as Birmingham, Cambridge and Edgware.

A nice touch on the homepage is the loan calculator that can pick out quotes very quickly. Between £1000 and £15,000 can be selected here, but £50,000 is a possible sum noted across their site. The term span is 12 to 36 months and are you are fortunately handed the opportunity to clear early to make savings. A basic form that isn’t secured must be filled in at to proceed. Any lead will be dealt with between Monday and Friday (9am/5pm). For the pricing, for £1000 over 12 months the monthly repayment would be £163.33 that creates a total charge of £959.96.

This is a competitive price that compares well against their rivals. If you are looking to proceed with a LoanMyMotor loan then it does look like you would have to head to Wembley or to one of their agencies. They do promise cash within 1 hour that covers up to 70% of the value of the vehicle. Information surrounding qualifying requirements is minimal, but on the homepage they do reference no credit check requirements and that self-employed applicants are catered. This may be a newcomer to the industry, but with low pricing and good early feedback, this looks to be a future name to watch out for.