On Stride Financial @ www.onstride.co.uk

On Stride Financial

On Stride Financial is expected to become one of the premier personal loan brands over the coming years. You will spot the EuroNetCash LLC listing at the bottom of their site that is a subsidiary of Cash America International Inc who own the Pounds to Pocket and QuickQuid powerhouse lending brands. The On Stride loans available through www.onstride.co.uk are brand new for 2014. You can receive between £1000 and £5000 on terms of either 1, 2 or 3 years (early settlements can be made). What is different between Pounds to Pocket and this brand? The main difference is that these come much cheaper, but the speed has been halted.

The variable rates will either be 29%, 59%, or 89% APR. For £1000 over 12 months this would create charges of £146.36, £272.45 or £385.91. These are very competitive charges that tells me that they are looking to compete with Amigo Loans and other emerging guarantor firms. The advantage over Amigo is that no guarantor is of course required here. They are as noted much slower than their sister-brand. Whereby Pounds to Pocket trades 24/7 with funds being available almost instantly, this is not the same story here. They are open from Monday to Friday only. This was between 8am and 4.30pm, but they now close later at 7pm.

On Stride Financial also have to underwrite the application that they state can take a couple of days. After approval they do issue same day funding though. As an update, they do require a bank statement to be uploaded. Other than this, their eligibility requirements are relaxed. Once the loan goes through you are handed with a secure login facility at www.onstride.co.uk. I would expect those with past credit troubles to fall into the 89% APR tier (they may just push you on to P2P). Other than the low pricing, they promote that no late fees are charged. We will keep an eye on their progress.