WagedayXpress @ www.wagedayxpress.com


The WagedayXpress loan brand was launched in the later stages of 2013. This service served from www.wagedayxpress.com is the creation of Ancora Capital Ltd who are a major emerging name in the industry. They are the team behind the RedWallet.com brand and another entry is VarioLoans.com that was launched just a day apart from this one. Text loans are available here for all existing customers and they specialise in weekly terms that fills the demand for those that are unable to receive a loan due to being paid weekly. This is in light of some lenders restricting their customers to be paid monthly such as PDUK.

Between £50 and £350 can be applied for and the term range is 1 to 12 weeks. The WagedayXpress loans have received a recent price slash that has created highly impressive charges across all such terms. For £100 over 7 days you did pay £10, but you now pay £5.25. Over 28 days was £25 and this comes in at just £13.13. They have even updated the charge for the maximum instalment term (84 days) per £300 from £185.04 to £102.38. The faster payment fee is already factored within the charges. Secure logins are provided at www.wagedayxpress.com and they are CCTA members (as at their sister-brands).

The other recent Ancora brand (Vario) has also seen a price cut, whilst RedWallet currently remains at £29 and this has a fixed monthly term. One reason why the costs here at Wageday are so cheap for instance over a month is that the repayments are repaid back weekly and so they are consistently being fed with cash that keeps them happy. The opening times are not disclosed. At RedWallet they just list Monday to Friday with a closing time of 5pm, whilst at Vario they also note Saturday. With the low pricing and the SMS facility for existing customers, there is no doubt that this is one of the top market solutions in 2014.