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QuickQuid FlexCredit

QuickQuid FlexCredit was a notable addition to the subprime sector in 2013. This instalment product is available on www.quickquidflexcredit.co.uk and also on the main QQ Site. The owner (Cash America International Inc) also trades as Pounds to Pocket and On Stride Financial is their very latest project. These QuickQuid FlexCredit loans did have a 1 to 10 monthly term span, but they have recently fixed this at 10. The ability is there to clear early, but you can’t select between the full range at application stage. Many of the characteristics match the central product such as the available cash sums of £50 to £1000 (£1500 when returning).

A secure login is provided over at www.quickquidflexcredit.co.uk and you should be able to login through the main website as well. For pricing, a simple £100 loan repaid after a month would be just £24.30. This often changes though since they charge interest daily and the number of days in each month changes as you go along. Now you can’t select extended terms on application I will have to provide examples based on their current chart where interest and 10% of the balance is taken away. At £300, when clearing after 3 months this would cost £196.39 and for 6 you would pay £326.97.

These new rates are higher and so they are no longer as competitive as they were. Is there a QuickQuid FlexCredit promo code 2014? There wasn’t at first, but they now allow applicants to add a voucher on the form. I don’t think the main QQ Promos work here, since the Pounds to Pocket Promo Code takes a discount from the initial payment only and so this would likely be the case here due to the extended repayments. Free fast funding is provided and they are open 24/7 that guarantees speedy processing around the clock. The pricing is good when you clear after a single month, but they score less well over extended periods.