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Ladder Loans

Ladder Loans is an instalment lender that launched at back in 2011. This is a release from Inventive Finance Ltd that is part of the large DFC Global Corp group. Payday Express, PaydayUK and The Money Shop chain are existing local DFC brands focussed on monthly terms. This is the first product owned by them that caters extended periods. They did have a smaller product “Lite” that catered 3 to 6 months with £250 to £1000 sums. This has now been discontinued by them. You can now select between 6 and 18 monthly terms with the cash range being £500 up to £1500.

A loan at £600 over 6 months would cost £281.10. Although £300 can’t be selected, we always use this price level to compare. This would work out at £140.55 per £300 that is a very competitive cost. At £1000 over the year the price here would be £957.20. Same day funding is provided by them and there is no fee to be added on for this. There is no Ladder Loans login in place over at, but they do use encryption. The lack of account servicing is a limitation and another one is being closed at the weekend. Perhaps they may change this soon though.

They specifically trade from Monday through to Friday (between 8am and 7pm). For phone support (or clearing early), you can reach them on the line of 0871 5592 909. The company owner is of course highly established in the payday loan sector, but it is interesting to see how well they can perform with this new instalment product. This is an area that their main rival (Cash America International Inc) has been the dominant player in through Pounds to Pocket. They have recently increased their pricing and Ladder Loans are in fact cheaper over the complete year. They are of course much cheaper over 6 months where they are most competitive.