Jacobs Enforcement Agents @ www.jacobsenforcement.com

Jacobs Enforcement Agents

This collection agency that is based in Merseyside has received a recent rebrand. Their official name as listed on their CSA page is Jacobs Certificated Bailiffs, however they have generally been known over the years as Jacobs Bailiffs and have operated through www.jacobsbailiffs.co.uk. A recent change has seen them rename as Jacobs Enforcement Agents and they have now setup www.jacobsenforcement.com. The old site is still live, but when you click through the menu selections you are redirected to their new one. Customer payments are taken on a secure domain of the older website at this time, but I can see them eventually removing this.

This commercial recovery agency looks to be one of the original industry firms with their formation year being 1959. They state that there are 220 staff members working within the company. This DCA collects such debts as overpaid housing benefits and road traffic enforcement fees. Local Council Tax debts do look to be central that is a market that they targeted throughout the 80s that worked out very well for them. It is referenced that they work with over 150 local authorities in the enforcement of such unpaid debts. They have earned themselves several awards over the years and are of course CSA qualified in the services that they serve.

Jacobs is one of the most well known bailiff firms in the industry, although their major rivals are taking on more accounts than they are including Bristow and Sutor, Equita, Newlyn and Rossendales. They as noted use a subdomain of www.jacobsbailiffs.co.uk for customer payments that are secured, but it is likely that they will soon replace this fully for www.jacobsenforcement.com. Questions can be posed to their team on 0845 601 2692. This highly experienced agency benefited greatly throughout the 80s when they established valued partnerships with many local authorities. Despite this, they do look to have lost their way (certainly in the manner of market share).