QuickQuid Promo Code 2014

QuickQuid Promo Code 2014

Update: View the 2015 Code Here.

When adding the QuickQuid promo code 2014 featured today you can receive one of the most competitively priced loans available across the industry. Monthly terms are provided by them, but you can select optional 2 or 3 monthly periods if needed (now also instalment terms). QQ promos have been available for many years now and they are in place to chop down the interest charge. Many lenders that offer vouchers like this have them in place to discount speedy transmission fees, but this company of course already provides free fast funding. They also trade 24/7 that assures that their loans are always processed and delivered quickly.

Many past codes have tended to be set at 25%, but the one featured here cuts an impressive 30% discount. Even after this coupon has been applied there is no determined cost here since variable rates are in place. On each £100 that is borrowed from them, the standard rate is £20, £25 or £29.50. When we have applied the attached coupon the new rates would stand at either £14, £17.50 or £20.65. Be aware that most applicants are forced to pay the most expensive interest tier. Regardless of this, that rate at just over 20% over the full month is still highly competitive.

This QuickQuid promo code 2014 is not for existing customers, since every released code is designed to welcome in new customers only. Each new applicant can select from £50 to £1000 (£1500 is specifically available to those returning back). If you are looking for £2000 over an extended period then you can use their Pounds to Pocket Loans brand for this. This may also be ideal for any high amount to make your loan more manageable. Promotional codes are available for the New FlexCredit product, but this one likely won’t work (this is being looked into). Any such coupon must be added on their application form. You can’t verify it there and then.

Code to Enter at www.quickquid.co.uk: MONEY30.