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Payday United

Payday United is a recent lending brand launched by The Quick Loan Shop. They setup the domain back in late November 2013 and so it was set in motion just a short time before the 2014 year. This new company hasn’t taken on any notable changes with the same monthly term and the same matched price being enforced. The one spotted difference here was that they head cash sums between £100 and £1000 that is higher than their central brand where they offer up to £750 (if you are a return customer). The same monthly rate is applied at 25% (£25 on each £100 taken out).

This is a complete cost with no extra charge being required for their Faster Payments Service transfer. When the FCA Cap comes into force in 2015, all lenders can charge no more than £24 per £100 over the month. This firm will only have to make a minor change to their service pricing in order to become compliant (many other firms may struggle to adapt). The Payday United site at includes no account servicing and they don’t encrypt the applications either. This brand is relatively new and so this may change soon. It would be advised for now to just use The Quick Loan Shop where logins and SSL are fitted.

As the case there, no operational days/times are disclosed here, but standard working hours between Monday and Friday should be expected. There are no reviews for this company circulating across the web. We only managed to find them out by running a search through their Interim Permission Number. Back when we did this we also spotted that they have a company called Loans Guru although they only trade as brokers there. Obviously the higher sum of £1000 for this featured product may be attractive on paper, but it is unlikely that first time applicants would be accepted for anything more than £400 or so over a single month.