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Newlyn Plc was originally formed as Newlyn Collection Services Ltd back in 1999. They went on to become a public limited company that naturally resulted in them setting up (this was in 2006). This is a central site to deal with visitors on both the corporate and customer side. This website in discussion is currently being updated and so it looks like they are devising a fresh look. They state that you can still make payments if you need to do so. Due to this current state, it is difficult to determine if any major changes have taken place since they were last studied.

Their progress will be monitored and we will update this posting if any notable changes have been implemented. This commercial collection agency is based in Northampton that is interestingly where their big rival Equita is also based. Bailiff enforcement services are offered by this DCA that covers Council Tax collections, road traffic fines and other commercial debts like this. When looking into their industry market share they ranked in the late 70s and were just a few places behind Bristow and Sutor who are another big rival to them. Equita and Rossendales each ranked much higher who do look to be the busiest commercial recovery agencies competing today.

The website is as noted currently in the middle of a major update. Over the years this site has always been used to cover their background and service, as well as being in place for customers to make direct payments that are securely taken. The contact line is displayed as 01604 633001 if you need to reach a customer advisor of theirs. Newlyn Plc is highly established and fully qualified via CSA for their catered services. They don’t carry as much experience as their major rivals, but it is clear that they have managed to bite into some of their market share in recent years.