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MonkeyDosh is a Manchester-based payday loan company that launched back in 2010 with their loans being served from They have grown quickly, particularly with residents across their home city. This product carries a monthly term with the cash sums spanning from £100 to £750 with there not appearing to be a new client limit. It does mention the figure of £1000 on the homepage, but this is not found on the application form and so it would likely be there to select when you login. We have referenced this firm how they have done over the years, but more recently they tend to use “Monkey Dosh”.

When it comes to the product costs, the interest has been set at 25% that creates a £25 per £100 charge. There has always been some confusion surrounding their funding costs though. In the “Our Charges” section there is no note of any fast funding cost, as well as anywhere else across the site. Many sources highlight a same day transmission fee standing at £12.50 and so this is likely to be required for anyone that isn’t willing to wait on slow funding. I did spot a promotional poster for them that had the attached promo code (MKD1) that was headed to remove the faster payments fee.

This poster was published back in early 2013 though and so it would likely have now expired. The site does take encrypted applications and they do provide a login to all customers. These loans are not available over the weekend with their listed business trading hours being 9am to 5pm from Monday to Friday. This lender has been a firm favourite across Manchester where they do tend to carry out most of their advertising. This is through posters, radio ads on Key 103 and so on. Applicants in self-employment may be accepted here and bad credit is welcomed so long as the repayments can be met with ease.