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Lowell Financial

Lowell Financial is a major player in the recovery of consumer debts. Moorcroft Debt Recovery was introduced in a previous posting who were referenced as taking on more accounts than any other DCA. Lowell is the agency that ranked in the #2 spot that shows that they are sitting closely for market share. Whilst Moorcroft is based in Stockport, this company is based not too far away in the city of Leeds and there is another office situated in Preston. They have a corporate web address at www.lowellgroup.co.uk whilst www.lowell.co.uk has been created to take payments in. They have around 630 staff members.

They recently acquired the Interlaken Group that was a savvy move on their part. The focus of this company is mostly made on credit cards, loans, store finance and so on. Those who are being chased up for arrears would likely have received correspondence through one of their subsidiary operations. This would include Red Debt Collection Services or Hamptons Legal. This is a debt purchasing agency that is qualified in Court Action, Repossessions etc and so when you are being contacted through Hamptons it would be important to deal with the arrears as soon as possible. There are various other qualified areas noted on their CSA listing.

Over the years, more than 11 million accounts have been acquired. It is not made clear how long this DCA has been active, but our best guess would be 2004 that shows that they have come a long way in a short period of time. You can securely make payments at www.lowell.co.uk or if you would prefer to speak to one of their advisors then this can done on the number of 0113 308 6035. Moving ahead, it will be interesting to see how the Interlaken Group acquisition affects their operations. Interlaken are highly experienced in this industry and they had Fredrickson and SRJ on their roster.