H&T Pawnbrokers @ www.handtpawnbrokers.co.uk

H&T Pawnbrokers

H&T Pawnbrokers is headed as the largest pawnbroker in the UK. They do certainly have an major presence on the high street with over 190 stores in operation. This company (Harvey and Thompson) has a historic past dating back to the year 1897. We are introducing the web address here of www.handtpawnbrokers.co.uk here, but not too long ago they did have a dedicated H&T payday loans site setup at www.handtpaydayloans.co.uk. This was only created in 2012, but they have decided to drop this product. Before this time they had a partnership with the Instant Loans Direct broker, but they went direct for a short time.

They now just have a personal loans product that must be completed in branch. They offer here cash sums of £50 to £1000 and grant flexible terms stretching between 1 and 24 months. Based on their calculator, £100 over just the single month would cost £28.40. Over extended terms, £300 for 3 months would be £88.68 and this same amount over 6 months would be £127.98. The real value is in these instalment terms. They are just a little more expensive than Oakam (£85) who provide the top online rate for this 3 pay period, but the 6 month option actually beats Oakam’s £150.

Once you have studied www.handtpawnbrokers.co.uk you will be advised to head to a local branch. A new bank statement, payslip, photo ID, proof of address, a debit card and 2 contact numbers must be presented to them. They open from 9am to 5.30pm throughout Monday to Saturday. Within their association memberships page they list being members of the CCTA and the NPA. Various other services are offered including foreign exchange, gold buying, pawnbroking etc. Having to venture on to the high street is not ideal, but they do have as much coverage as anyone and their excellent pricing is a major incentive to choose them.