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Fredrickson International (FredPay)

Fredrickson International is a popular debt collection agency that was created in the year 1992. This firm has been owned by the Interlaken Group Ltd over the years who also own SRJ Debt Recoveries. A recent development has seen Interlaken be acquired by the Lowell Group. This is a notable acquisition for Lowell who themselves are the 2nd largest consumer DCA in the UK. Fredrickson International rank as the 6th and so collectively Lowell could certainly now challenge Moorcroft Debt Recovery for that top spot. For this posting, we have referenced FredPay that is found at This facility enables quick customer payments to be made.

To support this payment website, they also provide corporate info should you visit them over at This debt collector is based in Surrey and there is only a short drive over to their sister-brand SRJ. The size of this organisation isn’t as large as most of their major rivals with there being around 300 staff members within the organisation. A range of markets are catered by them. As with many big agencies though, the financial focus is central to them. They have worked with banks and credit card providers on this financial side. They also work with home shopping brands, local governments and utility companies.

From all of the many payment websites studied, FredPay does stand out as one of the best designed facilities. You can securely login at should you wish to quickly clear your arrears. The Fredrickson International contact number is 0203 147 8000. This DCA has always had a good track record and they have took on CSA membership. They have been around since the early 90s and so it is no surprise that they are one of the premier industry names today. They do look to have a bright future ahead of them now that Lowell has took them on and so it will be interesting to keep track of their progress.