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Update: Dosh Express Closed

The Dosh Express loan brand reached the payday market through the address in 2012. This company is owned by Pride Capital Ltd who were based in Derby, but they later relocated to Nottingham. The service provided here is a monthly one whereby they welcome new customers on board with sums between £100 and £400. On return loans it would be possible to attain £1000. A competitive interest charge of £25 per £100 has been set by them. It is good to see this 25% rate, since when they launched this was 30%. There is also one more possible cost that is when a fast transmission is required.

This fee comes at the price of £7 and when selected it is reduced from the funds sent to the customer’s bank. Otherwise, the free option just takes a few days to clear. The Dosh Express loans have been well received across the market and they have managed to build up a loyal following in the little time that they have been trading on the web. There was originally an account management feature built in within, but they later removed this for some reason. They have used SSL since day one and the eye catching graphics used on the site have always looked great.

Other than providing no login, their operational times are also limited. They trade between Monday and Friday from 9am to 5pm. Although the fast funding fee is reduced from the funds sent, we always add such charges on top. In this case, a total same day charge would work out at £32 per £100. This is a more than reasonable cost over the month and there are only several competitors that can beat them over this term. This is another lender that has stopped updating their Facebook page. This is not really a big issue, but it always helps to know that customer support teams are there to hand.