Daniels Silverman @ www.danielssilverman.co.uk

Daniels Silverman

Daniels Silverman is a debt collection agency based in Liverpool that was put formed in 1995. They created www.danielssilverman.co.uk later though in 1999 that is a single website in place for both corporate and customer purposes. It should be noted that Daniels Silverman does look to mostly dedicate their efforts on commercial debt recovery. Consumer arrears are also chased up although for total market share they rank way down with 80 or so agencies taking on more accounts than they are today. Commercial is of course central, but at the same time they also provide alternative services such as credit checking and even legal recovery.

With such a wide range of services catered, this is as you can imagine a busy firm. Daniels Silverman are popular online and this has been aided over the years from them frequently advertising their services on Google. They usually promote their no win no fee debt collection agreement. A CSA member place has been acquired and this DCA has a good reputation across the industry. You can study their feedback on their Client Reviews and Testimonials page. There are a few DCAs around that offer a no win no fee debt collection service, but Daniels Silverman is the most popular one online, with their ad campaigns making the difference.

There is as noted a single trading site at www.danielssilverman.co.uk. If you head into the “Pay Online” area here then you can make a direct secure payment at any single time. If you wish to do this then you will need to know your personal reference number. The size of this agency is not disclosed, but they do have a few branches listed on their contact page. They provide numbers for these various locations, but at the top of the site the number of 0800 694 2272 is displayed that would be the best way to reach their advisors and this is listed as a freephone line.