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CreditExpert is the most popular credit report here in the UK available via This product is the creation of Experian who stand as the largest local credit reference agency (CRA) and they also happen to be used by the largest number of lenders that includes leading banks. They were formed in 1996 when the CCN Group and TRW Information Systems & Services merged. This is a massive global organisation that trades in 40 countries with over 17,000 staff members being spread out across these many locations. This service is actually searched more online as “Credit Expert”, but it has been titled here as it is branded.

The CreditExpert report cost is priced monthly at £14.99 that includes identity protection insurance that itself is priced at £6.40. The good news is that they do offer a no obligation 30 day free trial. What has aided their popularity has been as noted that most lenders do use their data for risk assessment and so they can offer the most accurate representation of your current financial circumstances. It of course helps that this Experian credit report is so thorough, providing customers with a score ranging between 0 and 999. This can be done for free once you have signed up and logged into

The major rival to this CRA is Equifax, but when it comes to reporting it is really CallCredit that has posed the biggest threat to them recently. This has been through their Noddle product that is always free for those that use them. They generate income through recommending services based on your personal score with commissions being earned in the process. What is important to note is that this Experian data is not available elsewhere. The CheckMyFile multi-agency report for instance only pulls up their public data that won’t be a great help. As noted, Noddle is free to use although their data isn’t on the same level.