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Commercial Collection Services (CCSCollect)

CCSCollect is one of the most experienced debt recovery agencies around having been established back in the year 1975. The spelling has been used today as the company is branded, but it is worth noting that search engine data shows that they are mostly searched for as “CCS Collect”. Their popularity is very high on the web and yet there are around 50 or so DCAs that are taking on more consumer accounts than they are. The full name of this agency is Commercial Collection Services Ltd and they operate solely through They work in finance, utilities and they also work with local authorities.

CCSCollect benefits greatly from the vast market experience that they have acquired over the many years that they have been active. They do have a good reputation in the industry and they are a CSA member. There are many forum discussions continually springing up for them and so it is a surprise to see them not at least be a top 20 agency. There isn’t much info provided by them such as regarding their organisation size and so they may be a smaller firm. At the same time it may be the case that they have not managed to secure relationships with creditors that deliver accounts in bulk volume.

Their name is Commercial Collection Services that would suggest that they are more aligned in this area, but from what I can gather consumer debts do look to be central to them today. For customers in arrears, you can make payments through, but there is no SSL used. There has been a sign headed on the website for some time that visitors using Google Chrome are unable to pay them that seems strange since this is the browser of choice for many. It would be advisable to make payments by phone. This can be done on the number of 08444 120344 between Monday and Saturday.