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Update: Lender closed (more details to follow).

The Cash Bob brand made its voyage to the UK from the Netherlands. The local site at was registered in 2010, but the launch appears to have been 2011. This Dutch company started out at that was created in late 2007. They are no longer currently accepting applications there. The owner (BA Finance BV) has reportedly had government issues and received some fines that would explain this closure. This local Cash Bob loans operation is still taking leads on today, but the encryption has expired and so there may be further issues here (no CCL is currently listed as well).

These short term loans carry a flexible term range from 6 to 35 days. On the first occasion, between £100 and £200 can be received and £800 is the maximum return sum. Covering the costs for interest, £100 over 7 days would have a £7.28 charge whilst over 30 would be £31.20. This is a fixed daily interest rate of 1.04%. You can select fast funding on the form that attracts a £5.50 fee and so you should be able to just leave that blank and wait a few extra days on slow funding. There is no login facility at

There has always been SSL used here, but this expired in November 2013. This product is available between Monday and Friday between 8am and 4pm. One of the most notable things to address regarding this service is the strict eligibility requirements that have been set. Other than having to be above the age of 21 they ask that every applicant must be earning above £1500 per month (after tax) that is much higher than what most lenders ask for. This at least shows that they are responsible though, since some companies just want the lead and if they can’t issue, they forward applicants elsewhere to collect commissions.