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Blair Oliver and Scott

Blair Oliver and Scott has been the UK’s most popular internal debt collection agency located at that was created in 2008. This website is currently down and so it is unclear whether this is a permanent move on their part. This introduction will stand anyway since it is important to cover a DCA that is as prominent as this one is. This popularity is highlighted by market data that shows that they were ranked #3 for total number of consumer debts chased up across the UK. Moorcroft was #1 and Lowell was #2, but each of these collects arrears covering an extensive range of creditors.

Blair Oliver and Scott on the other hand is an internal company dealing specifically with the debts of the Lloyds Banking Group. They do this specifically for Bank of Scotland and also Halifax who are of course owned by Lloyds. The arrears for credit cards, loans and overdrafts are being collected through this agency only. Although there is a dedicated team setup here to make collections, they don’t make this process an easy one for the debtors. Other than providing no detailed information surrounding their operations, you can’t make direct payments at and will instead be advised on other ways to make a payment.

There are at least a few ways that you can do this. You could for instance call them on the contact number of 0845 601 0521 where you can pay by debit card. You can also pay by internet banking or you can send a cheque or postal order to them. You could finally visit a local Bank of Scotland or Halifax branch to pay them. Handling all arrears internally does make sense that will save them money, but it would be preferable to see a direct payment facility offered to make the process easier for both parties. As noted, the site is currently down and so they may well be conducting upgrades.