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The first Albemarle Bond branch was opened in Bristol back in 1983 and they have grown considerably over the years to reach over 140 stores. Albemarle & Bond Holdings Plc is the larger group that also owns the Herbert Brown brand and also Cash Window that they purchased as EPDL for £1.2 million. The web presence for the brand in question arrived in early 2002 through the creation of The content here is heavily focussed on pawnbroking and further markets such as cheque cashing and gold buying. They do have a loans section, but there has been recent changes with this product type.

On a previous visit they had a link up for EPDL where they quickly referred their loans. Now they have took ownership and rebranded to Cash Window you would expect them to still provide a link to them, but they don’t! The Cash Window closed notice has been up for a while, but it states that they are revamping and so this doesn’t appear to be a permanent closure. The Albemarle Bond loans are available between £100 and £1000 over terms of 12 to 18 months (you can repay early). These are briefly introduced on, but you must head to a branch for completion.

No detailed charge breakdowns are provided by this CCTA member. What they require to be taken to them is your most recent bank statement, a new wageslip, photo ID and proof of address. If this is completed then they pay cash in your hand there and then. The branches I checked were open from Monday to Saturday. The times are set at 9am until 5pm although they open a little later at 9.45am on a Tuesday for some reason. Another thing to add is that they do have a logbook loans section. They are introducing for Mobile Money here where they directly send the application to.