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Mr Instant Cash is another newcomer to the payday loan industry. Going back a few posts, an introduction was made for the Tide U Over brand who are the team behind this project. Their other website was initially devised in 2010, but 2012 is the estimated launch. This one accessible at arrived in 2013 and just to update that Laura Lends later arrived in 2014. The Mr Instant Cash loans are headed from £100 to £400 and the calculator displays £1000 as being a possible return sum. This is one of the few differences with this service and Laura Lends (Tide U Over now goes much higher).

No charges page is provided here, but they do present a representative example that shows the same amounts as headed at their alternative company. However, if you are interested in using this company (or any of the others) then you would be advised to browse the introduction post for the central brand that explains their costs in more detail. You should find that the total charge here would be £35 per £100 that includes interest at £30 and speedy funding at £5. The payment calculator doesn’t display dates and so it is not clear whether you can receive discounts when your payday is closer than the full month (as you can at TUO).

You can manage your loan online through and this website does use SSL. The same working day operational times are in place that is between 9am and 4.45pm. As with their central brand, the Mr Instant Cash loans are starting to pop up on a range of popular review sites that is supporting their growth. It is clear though that the main Tide U Over service carries additional features handing them the edge. You can for instance pay less through selecting shorter terms on their calculator and it has now been identified that you can also apply for much larger amounts up to £5000 heading as far as 60 months.