We have now split the Guides section into two parts. On this page you will find the first section that relates to subprime loans, whilst the second part covers general financial topics. The number of submissions attached became too large that was why the split was made. In doing this we can now expand the website content much more. The introduction posts for each lender have not been added below, but we have referenced the relevant lists. Most of the content below relates to payday products, since this market is the largest with the highest number of active companies. We will be looking to update every posting in time.

Notes: Every listing has been added alphabetically.

2015 Posts:

Different Money
JustLendCash and Lightning Dosh
Miyagi Loans 2015 Update
New QuickQuid Promo Code 2015
Peachy and Wonga Promo Code (Removed)
The Latest Major Payday Lender Closures

2015 Industry Cap:

About the Cap


Cash Window, Zebit and 3 Other Lenders Close Down
Greenwood Closed by Provident
Several More Lenders Close ✓ (Latest)
The Toothfairy Empire Crumbles


How to Complain About a Loan Provider

Government Funding:

Budgeting Advance, Budgeting Loan and Crisis Loan Info
Government and Doorstep/Payday Loans for People on Benefits

High Acceptance and Poor Credit Solutions:

Logbook and Payday Loans with No Credit Check
No Bank Account and Self-Employed Loans
Who Offers High Acceptance Payday Loans?

High Street Store Lending:

High Street Payday Loans: Worth Using?
How a Pawnbroker Loan Could Get You Through the Month
Keep Getting Declined? How to Raise Money Fast

International (General):

How America Dominates the UK Payday Loan Industry
Is Kreditech Destined for Greatness?
Is Moving Overseas the Next Big Thing?

International Lending in Poland:

Poland is one of the fastest growing European destinations for online lending and so we picked out 10 of the most well known active firms. This has become a very competitive market with a selection of the companies featured all offering 0% deals for first time applicants.

Intro and Comparison
Ekspres Kasa
Net Credit
OK Money
Soho Credit

International Lending in USA:

America is our latest location being studied. This is the home of payday lending where the demand is significant and there is a huge store presence across the country. However, profits are squeezed through harsh price caps in place across many states.

Intro and Comparison
ACE Cash Express
Advance America
Cash Central
Check Into Cash
Check N Go
Money Mart
Speedy Cash

Lender Focus:

Are Peachy and Sunny Better Than Wonga?
Direct Lenders You Should Use
Free Payday Loan with Vivus
PaydayUK vs QuickQuid: How Do the Majors Compare in 2014?
Which Direct Lenders Control Multi-Brands?

Lender Lists:

Short Term
12 Months
New Payday Lenders 2014

Loan Brokers:

The Benefits of Using Direct Payday Lenders No Brokers

Loan Types:

Doorstep Loan Agents
Lenders Like Provident
Provident and Shopacheck Jobs: How Much Can Agents Earn?
What is the Doorstep Loan Process?
Non Homeowner Pricing Variations
Instalment and Long Term:
3 vs 6 Month Loans
Best Long Term Options for Bad Credit
Debt Consolidation for Bad Credit
50,000 Logbook Loans Issued in 2013
Acceptance for Older Cars (Over 10 Years Old)
How Do Logbook Loans Work?
Are Credit Union Loans Worth Using?

Product Features:

The 10 Product Features That the Best Lenders Have
What Key Feature Should You Look for in a Loan?

Q&As (Basic):

Note: Some of these Q&As could have been split across the categories above or below. They have been attached here due to their simplicity.

Are SMS Text Loan Lenders Beneficial?
Are There Any Guaranteed Payday Loans?
Can Instalment Loans for Bad Credit Improve Your Credit Rating?
Can You Receive a Payday Loan with a PrePaid Card?
How Common Are Faxless Loans Online?
Who Offers Bad Credit 24 Month Loans Online?
Who Provides the Most Flexible Loans?

Required Cash:

Finding a 50 Pound Loan
Need a £1000 or £2000 Loan with Bad Credit?
Receive a £10,000 or £20,000 Loan with Bad Credit

Responsible Lending:

Trade Associations and the Good Practice Customer Charter

Transfers (24/7):

24/7 and Weekend Funding
24/7 Funding for First Time Applicants

Transfers (Fees and Speed):

Options for Instant Payday Loans Online
Transfer Fee Cost for Same Day Funding
Who Offers Quick Cash in Minutes?

Last Updated: September 2014.