24/7 and Weekend Payday Loans

247 and Weekend Payday Loans

It is important to be handed with the ability to obtain cash quickly after a loan application has been made. This is particularly the case over the weekend perhaps when a surprise night out has been sprung on you. However, most companies limit their operations from Monday to Friday covering standard business hours. There are fortunately a small selection of 24/7 payday lenders serving the UK that will be highlighted here. Also of interest are those that provide weekend payday loans on a Saturday and Sunday throughout the daytime. This post will also include short term and instalment loan lenders that are of course variants to the standard monthly products with added flexibility.

24/7 loans are naturally in high demand across the UK. These companies should be able to provide phone support and verification no matter what time of day or night that the application has been made. Cash America International is the main player that never closes through their range of local brands. This includes Pounds to Pocket, QuickQuid and the FlexCredit product. Wonga of course never closes. As you can see, it is mainly the big budget brands as seen on TV that always stay open. Lending Stream previously never closed, but they now list 7am to 10pm. They do claim to deposit around the clock through (return clients).

There are a number of weekend payday loan lenders that process daily applications, but obviously you will need to get the applications in before they shut down for the day. This includes Mr Lender, MyJar, MyMate, Peachy and Sunny. The Web Loans Processing brands including Community Payday, Easy Finance Club and Toothfairy Finance did all operate every day, but they have all now Ceased Trading. There were other firms that also covered Saturday/Sunday, but they have either changed this or now closed down. Within the company introduction posts, we usually make reference to specific trading hours if you would like to know what cut-off times are in place.

Just to add that operational times often change across the Christmas seasonal period and bank holidays may also affect processing times. It would be best to contact any of the referenced companies to receive confirmation around these periods. This is advised to do by phone, since you will tend to find that emails do go unanswered. Some lenders offer loans around the clock if you are specifically an existing customer. This would be the case for instance at 247Moneybox, Lending Stream and MyJar. 24/7 Loans for First Time Applicants was a later extension to this post that may be of interest to those who are looking to identity the quickest lenders in operation.