Small Payday Loans: Finding a 50 Pound Loan

Small Payday Loans Finding a 50 Pound Loan

Options are limited for those searching for small Payday Loans Online. Most monthly lenders offer a minimum cash sum of £100, but not everyone requires an amount this high. Someone may for instance just require a few notes to cover them for food until they are being paid in a few days. The perfect lender in this scenario would be Wonga. They allow you to choose any amount from £1 onwards and any repayment from one day onwards. So you could for instance receive £33 for 5 days if you wished and you pay for this duration only. In comparison, most mostly firms charge at £100 covering a full month.

Pound Access was a site like Wonga where they started from £1 and 1 day, but unfortunately they have now closed down. Across the market, the next available cash sum is typically set at £50 that is available from a range of monthly and Short Term Lenders. With this in mind, we will pick out a selection of the best 50 pound loan providers. From all of the companies that we have featured on the site, around 15 currently active offer a starting sum of £50. Based on features and value, we would recommend using any of the following: Peachy, QuickQuid, Quid24, Vivus, WagedayXpress or there is of course

Vivus offers a free 50 pound loan, but they are more stricter than your average lender. Peachy would be an excellent choice to go with. We have added their Promo Code that creates a 1% daily rate and since they are flexible you could borrow say £50 for just 7 days and be charged just £3.50. They are open daily and transfer in a few hours. Very small payday loans are only available from Wonga, but if £50 is ok for you then there are some good options to go with. Many offer flexible repayments alike them, but for some reason they don’t focus on smaller more manageable sums.