Who Provides the Most Flexible Loans?

Who Provides the Most Flexible Loans

Although payday loans were originally designed to be taken out over the period of a month, there is much wider selection of repayment date offerings from lenders today. Wonga was the first major loan provider to offer flexible loans that could span across shorter term periods. With Wonga you could borrow cash for just 7 days or perhaps 20 with the advantage being that you are charged daily based on the time that the funds are taken. This created cheaper costs since there was no need to pay a full monthly charge. There has been many flexible short term lenders like Wonga springing up over the years.

A newer trend has seen the introduction of flexible instalment loan products whereby the flexibility stretches over months. Innovative short term lenders like Peachy and Sunny have took this further by allowing their applicants to select both shorter and extended instalment periods. The Peachy range is 5 days to 5 months and Sunny starts a little smaller from just 3 days up to the same maximum duration. One thing to note is that with each of them the amounts jump in large blocks once you pass the month. Quid24 is one such lender that allows you move up in daily increments once you have surpassed the monthly mark.

Ladder Loans is another flexible loan lender that offers the widest known term range of 3 to 18 months. QuickQuid FlexCredit also offers an impressive range of 1 to 10. Some lenders like Pounds to Pocket and Speedy Cash have products that can be taken over 12 months, but you can repay back early at any time. When this is done charges are only applied up to that period of time. So as you can see, there is plenty of choice to go around. Peachy and Sunny would be my own personal choices if I was looking for a company that offered the most varied spread of terms. As an update to this post, we have recently introduced MyMate who are offering a range of 7 to 365 days. You can find the post links for each referenced lender on this page Here.