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Land of Lenders and Liquid Loans

Liquid Loans
Land of Lenders

We begin here with Liquid Loans that can be obtained from www.liquidloans.co.uk that was setup in 2010. They do reference that this company was formed in 2008 though. This brand is owned by the broker named MSM Credit Ltd. Land of Lenders is another asset of theirs that has been added to this posting. That website is located at www.landoflenders.co.uk and it arrived in 2009. These brands appear to be the only releases of MSM Credit. However, the owners have been involved in various outside companies. One such example is Reset Finance Ltd who eventually closed down after facing problems with the OFT.


5 Minute Money and Pocket Payday

Pocket Payday
5 Minute Money

New Wisdom Solutions Ltd is an emerging broker in the industry that controls a wide range of trading brands. We will be focusing here on 5 Minute Money and Pocket Payday that are their most popular owned companies with people searching on Google. On this popularity scale, LikeaLoan, Moneytree Loans and Payday Buffalo are further notable releases and some lesser well known names includes Got Your Loan and StarFishLoans. New Wisdom Solutions was incorporated back in the year 2008 and they have enjoyed swift progress since this time. You can access their corporate info through www.newwisdom.co.uk if you wish to learn more about them.


Dynamic Loans and Mazuma Loans

Mazuma Loans
Dynamic Loans

This post will provide some insights into Dynamic Loans and Mazuma Loans that are broker brands belonging to Comfy Media who are an emerging name across the sector. They have a few other brands on their roster with such identities as Amazon, Chirpy, Comfy Money Tree and so on, but the two in question have attracted the most success. Mazuma Loans at www.mazumaloans.co.uk appears to be the most popular release, although the search data studied may be a little skewed by the American credit union that uses the same name (they operate via www.mazuma.org). We have also added www.dynamicloans.co.uk here.


Dosh Now and UK Payday Today

UK Payday Today
Dosh Now

RevUP Media LLC is a financial group based in North Carolina that has been trading since the year 2007. Other than their home coverage in the US, they operate in Australia, Canada and of course locally here in Britain. RevUP Media’s primary local brand is UK Payday Today who have been assisted within this post by Dosh Now. They have also controlled such further trading companies as Gatekey Lending and Trusted Loan Centre. The primary www.ukpaydaytoday.co.uk website was launched back in 2009. The moderate level of popularity that this company has earned is mainly attributed by their inclusion on many popular financial comparison/review sites.


Payday Kong and Txt4Payday

Payday Kong

Payday Kong and Txt4Payday each belong to EPL Web Solutions Ltd. EPL has had other sites on their roster over the years such as Payday Knight, Pay Me Now, Txt2Payday and so on. The two in focus today have been their most successful releases to this day though. The Payday Kong loans site at www.paydaykong.com will be recognisable to most, whilst Txt4Payday that is found over at www.txt4payday.co.uk appears to in fact be more popular when studying the volume of search engine queries ran through Google search. The reason for this appears to relate to aggressive SMS marketing tactics employed by their third party affiliates.


Purple Payday and Sunshine Loans

Sunshine Loans
Purple Payday

Our attention today will turn to Pingtree Ltd who act as both a broker and as a lead generation gateway to many affiliates and brokers. The Purple Payday loans brand has by far been their most popular owned product release. This is served through www.purplepayday.com and has benefited greatly over the years from a successful affiliate program. Sunshine Loans has joined them here and there is also a wide range of further sites under their ownership. Such examples includes 247 Cashline, Credit Angel, Epic Loans, Payday Topup and the list goes on and on. Most of their profits are generated through their established Pingtree service.


Cash Cow Now and Payday Pig

Payday Pig
Cash Cow Now

Cash Cow Now and Payday Pig each belong to Stop Go Networks Ltd who are based up in Glasgow, Scotland. They have been known to work through a wide range of trading brands over the years such as Cash Cat, Loan Cheetah and My Big Fat Payday. The most popular release from them has been the Payday Pig loans brand. This was originally served from www.paydaypig.co.uk that was created in 2011, but they later moved to www.paydaypig.co. It was also in this year when the Cash Cow Now loan site (www.cashcownow.co.uk) was setup and this also now redirects to the (.co).


Cash Lady and Kwik Cash

Kwik Cash
Cash Cady

Some insights will follow here for the most popular introducer brands on the market today. What distinguishes this pair from the endless ocean of competing brokers is of course that each has received national TV ad campaigns. The Cash Lady Kerry Katona advert promoting www.cashlady.co.uk has catapulted this particular brand forward, that has been supported by widespread media attention. Kerry Katona’s second bankruptcy ended the contract, but this again moved them back into the limelight. Kwik Cash (often termed as KwikCash) can be reached at www.kwikcash.co.uk. They are also seen on TV, although these ads are often shown throughout the daytime and they carry no controversies.


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