Dynamic Loans and Mazuma Loans

Mazuma Loans
Dynamic Loans

This post will provide some insights into Dynamic Loans and Mazuma Loans that are broker brands belonging to Comfy Media who are an emerging name across the sector. They have a few other brands on their roster with such identities as Amazon, Chirpy, Comfy Money Tree and so on, but the two in question have attracted the most success. Mazuma Loans at www.mazumaloans.co.uk appears to be the most popular release, although the search data studied may be a little skewed by the American credit union that uses the same name (they operate via www.mazuma.org). We have also added www.dynamicloans.co.uk here.

Both of the referenced loan sites were created recently in 2012 and they have each been growing quickly across the market. One major factor behind this growth has been the level of advertising conducted across the web. Some of their smaller projects are yet to really get going! There is very little content provided on each website with the lead capture being their primary objective. Across these brands there are three such products that can be applied for with their small loan category being of interest here that grants cash up to £1000. The other options cater funding over instalment terms and homeowner loans are also displayed.

When it comes to pricing, a vague 25% rate is always listed by them. You should expect to typically pay around 30% of the sum with most payday lenders that are found on these Pingtree systems. This is likely where they feed the application to, but no further detail is presented regarding their partners. It is always good to see brokers using encryption on their application forms and this is indeed applied to both Dynamic and Mazuma. For some reason, their CCL number has been removed from www.dynamicloans.co.uk and they now display a different address than what is found on the rest of their web properties.