Land of Lenders and Liquid Loans

Liquid Loans
Land of Lenders

We begin here with Liquid Loans that can be obtained from that was setup in 2010. They do reference that this company was formed in 2008 though. This brand is owned by the broker named MSM Credit Ltd. Land of Lenders is another asset of theirs that has been added to this posting. That website is located at and it arrived in 2009. These brands appear to be the only releases of MSM Credit. However, the owners have been involved in various outside companies. One such example is Reset Finance Ltd who eventually closed down after facing problems with the OFT.

When it comes to Liquid Loans, this central brand carries a fair level of popularity online. This profile continues to grow through regular paid advertising. Their product is headed as being available up to the period of 6 months and they display different loan sums, but on the calculator you can pick out between £50 and £2000. This loan calculator shows a 25% repayment rate (£25 per £100 borrowed). This is of course a rough estimate to what you would likely end up paying. When an applicant fills in a form on these applications are fully secure and if accepted fast cash is promised.

Information surrounding the panel used is not provided there, but you do receive a better idea of this when venturing on to the Land of Lenders website. When you arrive here you will see 14 lender badges displayed. One of these is Lending Stream who have a 6 month term in place that is as noted the term headed by Liquid Loans. Some of the listed 14 companies have now rebranded and one has even closed down and so this page has not been updated in a good while. No SSL is used and so it would be a better idea to apply through the more popular brand.