Payday Kong and Txt4Payday

Payday Kong

Payday Kong and Txt4Payday each belong to EPL Web Solutions Ltd. EPL has had other sites on their roster over the years such as Payday Knight, Pay Me Now, Txt2Payday and so on. The two in focus today have been their most successful releases to this day though. The Payday Kong loans site at will be recognisable to most, whilst Txt4Payday that is found over at appears to in fact be more popular when studying the volume of search engine queries ran through Google search. The reason for this appears to relate to aggressive SMS marketing tactics employed by their third party affiliates.

It is this affiliate program that has played a key role in the success of this business over the years. On the central EPL Web Solutions website they identify just which lenders are attached to their panel with it stating that hey use 30 of the leading lenders over 40 lending tiers. Both of the referenced websites have been live since 2010 that appears to have been the year that this broker began to launch the majority of their web properties. Each heads possible cash sums of £1000 (you should expected restrictions here). The monthly rates per £100 are displayed as 25% that would trigger a £25/£100 charge.

Just remember that the typical lender would be charging around 30% over a full month. When an application has been entered at either sites the lead will be fed to their Pingtree panel. Despite the branding of “Txt4Payday”, short term text loans are not available there. The similar named Txt2Payday mirrors this brand, but that website just uses varied graphics. They have DigiCert badges attached, but both domains are not SSL secure. Generating leads is the primary aim across both brands, since the information across them is rather limited. It is clear though that they do have a good panel of lenders to match their applicants to.