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Tide U Over

Tide U Over is a payday loan brand belonging to Tide You Over Ltd found at www.tideuover.com. Their Cardiff-based owner has been active since late 2010 although the launch for this company came in 2012. This central product offers £100 to £400 to new applicants and a slightly higher sum of £500 on return loans. Their calculator displays a 10 to 39 day range, but you are actually selecting your next payday here. If you flip down to the bottom menu bar though you can select the 12 and 18 month sections. Once this is done you can select £1000 to £5000 between 6 and 60 months.

With pricing their representative figure shows that interest is fixed at £61 per £200 over 28 days. They forget to mention the transfer fee there though and you can save if your payday is arriving sooner. The actual interest rate is 1% and so for their 28 day example provided you are paying £28/£100 (turns into £56/£200) with the other £5 covering their FPS transfer (= £61/£200). When selecting 30 days you would pay £35 in total that covers £30 for interest and £5 for their speedy transfer. For a large 12 month £1000 loan you would pay £957.20 (this matches the charge in place at Ladder Loans).

You can apply securely at www.tideuover.com and once you have been funded you can use the provided logins. The operational listing times are 9am to 4.45pm between Monday and Friday. The Tide U Over loans are now supported by the recently launched Laura Lends and Mr Instant Cash brands. These products are matched in most areas, but these newer websites haven’t been developed to the same standard as this one. It doesn’t appear that you can receive savings if you are being paid sooner as well and the 12/18 monthly selections are also not in place there. In this case, it would be best to use this company. Just to add that those with CCJs are accepted here.