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RedWallet is an emerging payday brand that popped up back in 2012. This lender that is based in North Yorkshire can be reached at the vibrantly styled website that was created by Ancora Capital Ltd (who now run further trading brands as discussed below). The monthly loans available here can be applied for covering the sums of £100 to £400. It states in the FAQ that further restrictions may be made and that in time larger sums may be accessible (no figures are mentioned). The pricing here is set at 29% and so all customers pay £29 per £100 borrowed. There is no further fast transfer fee to pay.

With the monthly charge sitting below 30%, this means that the cost is less than 1% daily that is a fair price to pay. It should be noted though that there was a deal ran back in the summer by them that provided a much more competitive deal. This was a £10 cashback bonus that meant that customers that paid back on time would only have to pay just £19 per £100 over the month. This cashback deal is no longer available that is a shame, but it is interesting that later launched their own cashback deal that looks to be inspired by this RedWallet service.

The site design is notable through its vibrant graphics and secure account logins are provided here. When applications are made it is noted in the FAQ that an employer would usually have to be contacted by them. This lender took on CCTA membership soon after they launched. Hopefully it would be good to see their promotion added again and at the same time their operational times could ideally be enhanced. They are currently open from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. As noted, Ancora Capital has been a very busy outfit. In 2013, they went on to launch two further brands that includes VarioLoans and WagedayXpress.