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Update: Easy Finance Club Closed

This Easy Finance Club introduction follows on from previously investigating Community Payday. These are shared trading brands of Web Loans Processing Ltd. As with Community we have no confirmation surrounding the launch. The www.easyfinanceclub.com site was created in 2010 that is our best estimate. The Easy Finance Club loan brand has received some bad press since this time, particularly from This is Money (Daily Mail). Some of the complaints raised have at least been updated now. This product caters those looking for short term cash with 7, 14, 21 or 28 days being the available repayments and £100 to £400 being the loan range.

There is still one confusing area that would ideally be updated that is in regards to the calculator figures provided. Per £100 this charge is £8 that is listed as covering interest and fees. In the FAQ it is stated that they have brought the interest down from 15% to 8% and so they are not disclosing the fast transfer fee that is priced at £5. A total cost of £13 would be required in this case that is cheaper than at Community where you would pay £17. You can receive a better deal further if you head to Toothfairy Finance that is the owner’s primary asset.

This cost is just £9 over this term and they make a clear reference there that no fast funding fee applies. You can securely apply at www.easyfinanceclub.com and each customer is handed with a login. The same listings are made for their opening hours and so this means that applications are processed 7/7. SMS requests can also be made for their product once you have become a trusted borrower. This feature and most others are matched across all of the owner’s web properties. The exception is price and so to get a better deal than Easy Finance Club it would be recommended to head over to Toothfairy.