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Update: Community Payday Closed

Community Payday is a part of the Web Loans Processing Ltd firm who are known to most through the popular Toothfairy Finance Service. No details surround the launch time here, but the website was created back in 2011 and so they would have likely started this project soon after this time. A short term loan can be obtained here between £100 and £400 and the repayment selection can either be 7, 14, 21 or 28 days. The £100 7 day charge is £17 that includes £12 interest (as stated in their FAQ) and the other £5 cost is required for their FPS same day transfer.

The cost over 28 days at £53 is expensive, but this term’s daily rate works out cheaper than the selection of 7. The Community Payday loans have not been the only recent project devised by the owner. Another one goes by the name of Easy Finance Club who were introduced in the follow up post to this. You can receive improved rates when applying through that property. Better still, it would be just recommended to head over to Toothfairy for the best possible deal from the owner. Pricing is the only difference between either owned sites. At they use encryption and provide logins for their customers.

The customer service hours from Monday to Thursday are 8.30am to 8pm. They close a little earlier on a Friday at 5.30pm whilst Saturday and Sunday both stands at 9.30am to 6.30pm. As with all lending brands, same day funding is processed daily. Existing customers of the Community Payday loans service can later apply by SMS messaging if they choose to. This product comes at a premium price, but you can as noted receive improved rates at their alternative trading brands. The advantage with using any one of these is that you receive quick decisions and any underwriting (if required) is dealt with each morning.