Apex Credit Management (ApexCM) @ www.apexcm.co.uk

Apex Credit Management (ApexCM)

Apex Credit Management was established in the year 2000 and they are located in Stratford upon Avon. They use the branding of ApexCM online at www.apexcm.co.uk that they use to both provide company info and to take in payments. As was discussed in the post for Cabot Financial, these two agencies have joined forces to create CabotCM. Both companies operate through their existing websites, but they have now split divisions between collections, purchasing and tracing. Apex Credit Management ranks as around the 15th top agency when factoring the total consumer debts taken up. This makes them less busy on the business side than their new partner brand.

They are growing quickly and their reputation was solidified after they were announced as the consumer DCA of the Year in 2013 that was awarded in the previous year to Mackenzie Hall. They have also picked up the award for Best Use Of Technology and so it is clear that this agency has a lot going for them that Cabot obviously saw in them some time back. A range of sectors are taken on, but as the case with many of their rivals they have focussed on financial creditors where the bulk of business up for grabs can be found. This agency has took on a place with the CSA.

They as noted use the single address of www.apexcm.co.uk covering all departments. When you go to make a payment this will take you to a subdomain that they name as MyApex. When you reach this page you will see that they do encrypt here. The Apex contact number is 0845 849 8988 and this is headed as being live 24/7 and so you should expect an automated line to come in once their advisors close up for the day. Overall, this looks to be one of the more refined DCAs working in the industry and the major awards picked up confirms that they are progressing well.