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Get a Payday Loan Fast

Get a Payday Loan Fast is the lending arm of Onesys Financial Ltd. This company is based in Wisbech that is located in Cambridgeshire. They operate from the address of that was setup back in 2010 although they didn’t commence trading until 2011. They have been around for a good while now and yet we hadn’t heard much of them that is why we have only recently got around to adding them. The amounts that can be loaned here range between £100 and £750. They mention that a restriction may be imposed to those applying for the first time, but they don’t specifically note a figure.

This product extends across a full monthly period and you are charged interest at 30% and so you pay £30 per £100 borrowed. FPS transfers are optional and they come at the price of £5 and so you would be looking at a total same day charge of £35/£100. The Get a Payday Loan Fast loans are securely processed via and once approved full account servicing is provided. Their opening times are between Monday and Friday from 8.30am to 5.30pm. This firm has took on a CCTA member place that is a good seal of trust, that makes up for the lack of reviews.

This monthly service has been packaged together well. The price is a little expensive with fast funding, but there are companies out there that charge much more for FPS fees. It would be ideal to also see weekend funding available. They don’t advertise this service online and their search engine presence isn’t the best. As I’m aware, a few popular brokers use them on their lending panel. Onesys Financial only currently appears to offer cash through this brand. Bridge Payday and Ninja Loans were two other companies that were attached to their Licence, but these websites are no longer functioning. The Onesys site itself is just used for corporate purposes.