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Fords of Winsford is a prominent used car dealer that was established in 1959. They operate online under the abbreviation of FOW at There is just a single showroom based in Winsford (Cheshire), but this houses over 1500 cars that qualifies them as one of the largest motor supermarkets throughout the North West. Their website is equipped with a high quality internal search displaying their stock. A wide range of cars are available and not just those of Ford that some people may have assumed through the branding. This is a top 5 car dealer factoring web popularity and they hold a solid reputation in the industry.

Just what are the financing options in place here? Currently they offer the agreements of either Hire Purchase or Personal Contract Purchase. The repayment span lies between 12 and 60 months. When it comes to funding, a few direct lenders appear to be attached to their panel, but we are only aware of the Black Horse Finance being used. To apply for FOW finance, you will need to have a look across their listings to find a suitable model. Once you have done this you can click through to securely apply via We took a pricing example through one of their listings at just over 10k.

The specific credit was £10,199 and over 48 months the price displayed was £2586.92 that created APR at 12%. It is advised to have a scan through their “Offers” page. Here you will find discounted cars and importantly models with reduced finance (there is a yellow banner in the corner of each qualifying car). The reduced financing deals that we looked at were just 5.6% APR that highlights the great value up for grabs here. If you are interested in heading down to the branch, then they are open daily. The specific hours include: Monday to Friday (9am/7pm), Saturday (9am/6pm) and Sunday (10am/5pm).