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Easy Logbook Loans @ www.easylogbookloans.tv

Easy Logbook Loans

Easy Logbook Loans (part of Christian Gachet) has been active through www.easylogbookloans.tv since back in 2011. This isn’t a particularly popular lender at this time (through a lack of advertising), but they recently updated their pricing to match that of Varooma, who happened to be the cheapest firm around before this. This was a savvy move that has created a highly competitive service. They head up sums of £500 up to £5000 with a term range spanning from 12 to 36 months. Their payment calculator does stretch to £10,000 though and the repayment selections start from 6 months and so these improved specs may be available.


AutoMoney @ www.auto-money.co.uk


AutoMoney has been advantageous over many of their logbook lender rivals through two key avenues. This includes their prominent high street presence, with there being around 30 stores across the UK. Then there has also been the TV advertising that has helped to make a significant difference to their growth. The owner is Quick Click Loans Ltd who created this company in 2009 with this service being served through www.auto-money.co.uk. There are some notable product features provided from this firm, but their prices aren’t the cheapest around. These logbook loans are also smaller than what you will find elsewhere. The range is £100 to £5000.


Varooma @ www.varooma.com


Varooma logbook loans have been available since late 2011. The brand owner is Greenlight Credit Ltd with Damon Hirschl being in charge of this operation that is served through www.varooma.com. This logbook lender displays on their payment calculator a range from £500 up to £5000, but they do state that they can lend up to £50,000 elsewhere. They actually can fund up to 70% of the vehicle’s value. The term range is 3 to 24 months, although early settlements can be made. There has been an interesting development with pricing. They did provide a £1000 12 month loan for £668, but they recently increased to become £700.04.


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