Zebit @ www.zebit.com


Update: Zebit Closed

Zebit is a creation from Lending Stream LLC who are of course best known for their popular 6 month loan service. This one that is served at www.zebit.com was launched back in 2011 and it provides a little more flexibility than the sister-brand. When the initial launch was made, it had a prepaid card attached, but this was discarded not too long after. This instalment product can be taken for the duration of between 1 and 7 months. When selecting a term, any cash sum can be chosen from £100 up to £800 with there being no such first time applicant restriction made.

Fast funding is provided at no extra cost and so just the interest needs to be paid to them. For just the single month, there is a reasonable monthly charge of £25 per £100 borrowed. We are of course interested in their instalment periods. When £300 is borrowed, the charge for 3 months is £161.07 whilst with 6 months the charge is £309.90. The daily rate for these examples rounds off to 0.597% and 0.574%. These rates are set well, although we have seen much more competitive instalment rates from other previously introduced lenders here such as Oakam and Provident’s Satsuma Loans.

It is easy to control the Zebit loans since a secure login is equipped within www.zebit.com. A major quality here is that they do trade every day with their customer service team being available daily from 8am to 8pm. It is interesting that they don’t trade 24/7 alike the main Lending Stream Company. The advantage that they have over them lies in the range of instalments terms that can be selected. Further to this, this service also works out cheaper based on the rates provided from them. Based on the cost and added flexibility, this is the brand that I would be choosing from the pair.