Yorkshire Bank Overdraft Charges @ www.ybonline.co.uk

Yorkshire Bank Overdraft Charges

This post will uncover the Yorkshire Bank overdraft charges currently in force. This is a division of Clydesdale Bank with both brands being owned by National Australia Bank (NAB). They were formed in the year 1859 and they operate online as YBOnline at www.ybonline.co.uk. On last count there was 182 branches (Clydesdale has around 150). NAB have recently announced that 28 branches across the group will close. This is to save money and to focus on their online presence. The products available through CBOnline and YBOnline are matched. A minor difference is that they use a blue finish on this website, whilst they use red with Clydesdale.

The fees that we studied at www.ybonline.co.uk were excessive in the red. To run through what they offer, the Current Account Direct hands 2% AER on your balances up to £3000. The overdraft rate is low at 9.9% EAR. You need to pay £1000 in each month. Then there is Current Account Plus that fits in with a savings product and Signature Current Account costs £13.50 per month and this has various bundled insurance products. The option of Control is priced at £7.50 each month and this is designed to avoid unwelcome fees. Readycash is for basic banking and there is also a choice for students.

The Yorkshire Bank overdraft charges are not clearly detailed on the product pages. From digging deep within the site we spotted that the interest rates often change depending on the accounts selected, but we will use the example of Current Account Direct. This has a competitive 9.9% rate and so there is value here if you manage to remain with formal borrowing. This 9.9% does raise to 29.99% when unplanned and this is joined by a standard usage fee of £25. Should you make further payments in the red they’ll charge £25 daily when a £25 buffer is exceeded. Finally, unpaid fees will set you back £15.