Wonga Promo Code 2014

Wonga Promo Code 2014

Update: Codes Have Stopped. Learn More.

This coupon box was recently removed from their site, but it has now been fitted again. This is good news for those looking for a saving and our code has been fully tested and it works fine. The Wonga promo code 2014 is in place to reduce the costs charged by the UK’s most popular payday lender. A speedy loan process has always been an important angle for them and they achieve this via the Faster Payments Service. An issue is that they charge a fee (at £5.50) for this that is added alongside the interest. This lender never closes and their technology can automate the decisions.

This assures that they are one of the best solutions for speed, but if you were to take out a loan with them without using any voucher then the service value is fairly expensive. They certainly have many great service features, such as in being able to select a term from just one day onwards and you can even select amounts from just £1. They are also one of the fastest lenders around, as noted aided by their 24/7 operation and technology. When the code has been switched on, you pay exactly 1% daily. It was coined as being in place to remove the £5.50 charge, but it takes a little more than this.

To cover a price breakdown per £100, over 7 days you usually pay £12.89 whilst the cost would be £37.15 over 30. Their voucher takes the price covering our examples down to £7 and £30. This is not a Wonga promo code for existing customers and so only first time clients can enjoy the saving. Peachy is the only short term lender we known that offers coupons for new and return clients. There are going to be some price updates here soon anyway when the new FCA cap comes into action. From 2015 they can only charge 0.8% daily and so they may just charge this and again remove the box.

Code to Enter at www.wonga.com: PROMO14.