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Wonga Polska

Wonga.com has been one of the leading lenders of the UK, but behind closed doors they have set out plans for global domination. They have so far expanded to Canada and South Africa, whilst their latest destination is Spain. Then there is Poland that will be studied further here that is served through www.wonga.pl. They use the dot com branding here, although they use Wonga Polska over on YouTube. New customers are offered between 50 and 750 zł and as an existing customer you can receive up to 2500. The repayment range was 1 to 30 days, but they have recently increased this to 60 days.

There is currently a free deal for first time applicants. Just 10 needs to be added for verification, but this is returned to you or you could instead just verify via Passport Przelewy24. Whilst various Polish firms offer 0% initial loans, the benefit here is that the term range spreads between 1 day and 60. If you return the standard charge is 115.75 per 500, but they have a loyalty reward system that allows loyal customers to pay with Plus (86.25), Premium (71.55) or Max (63). This Max fee is the cheapest return rate available. As the case across all such territories, the same sophisticated credit scoring technology is used.

You can obtain same day funding with no paperwork, but the speed depends on who you bank with. They are open daily between 8am and 10pm, although they do close on Polish public holidays. Once obtained, the loan can be managed securely through the www.wonga.pl site that includes making early settlements for interest rebates. When they specifically launched is unclear although it appears that this may have been in early 2013. Although they are not quite on the same popularity level as Vivus just yet, they have grown quickly since arriving. Based on Google data, they receive just over 1650 daily Polish searches through their brand name. A stepping stone to this has been TV advertising.