Who Offers High Acceptance Payday Loans?

Who Offers High Acceptance Payday Loans

There is a significant demand for high acceptance payday loans in the UK. Many people in particular are searching for no credit check payday loans online. We were aware of two lenders that claimed to run no checks, but each of them now state that they do (these companies were AccessFastMoney.co.uk and PaydayOverdraft.com). Many Logbook Lenders that we have studied offer a no credit check loan, but you do have to secure the agreement on your car. This allows them to reclaim defaults with ease that explains their minimal expectations. Guarantor Lenders do conduct a search, but they too can take a punt on a poor score due to the backing.

Both of these solutions won’t suit everyone, but they may be the last resort for those with poor credit who are looking to immediately rebuild from scratch. From all of the companies that we have studied, there is a pack of lending brands from the same finance group that can deliver high acceptance payday loans. This includes Tide U Over that is the central brand, with additional trading brands also being setup under the names of Laura Lends and Mr Instant Cash. High approval loans appear likely here since they do state that they are willing to take on those with CCJs that is very rare to see in monthly products.

Laura Lends, Mr Instant Cash and Tide U Over are recommended choices if you have been turned down elsewhere. Tide U Over in particular would be recommended since they allow you to additionally select 12 or 18 months (in the bottom menu bar) and the cash sum over these terms extends to £5000. On their payment calculator for their standard product you can also pick your specific wage day that cuts down on the interest. With the others there is no such calculator and so it is unclear whether savings can be made. Just to add that with Laura Lends you’ll have to add HTTPS to access a secure connection.

A primary reason why high approvals aren’t common across this sector surrounds defaults. This is in light of the lender having limited abilities to recover arrears. Due to the small value of the loan it wouldn’t make much sense for them to head down the legal route that is why many bad debts are quickly sold on to debt collection agencies. Most of the no credit check payday loan headlines that you will see are found on broker sites. Whilst they won’t run a search, the panel that they will match you to through their Pingtree system will do this and so do be wary since these searches can hurt your profile score.