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Vivus has been active in the UK through since 2012. This company is a release of 4Finance Ltd that is a part of the 4Finance Group that is owned by Kieran Donnelly. This larger organisation is based in Latvia and they operate today across 13 countries and have issued 3.5 million+ loans worldwide. These locations are set across Europe (they did operate in Canada, but have now pulled out of this region). The owner often trades under other names such as SMSCredit and Zaplo. Although they haven’t been around the UK for much time, they have caught the attention of many through their impressive try before you buy promotion.

This allows a new customer to receive their first Vivus payday loan for free. New customers can access £50 to £300 and £700 is possible on your 4th time using them. You can choose between 7 and 30 days as the repayment term. A free payday loan (0% APR) is handed at first and then when returning per £100 you would pay £15.90 over 7 days or £25 over 30 and so it makes sense to opt for their maximum term. Same day funding is provided at no additional cost. A secure login is provided to all customers joining A recent update has been made to their operations.

They were open daily, but they now close over the weekend. Their customer support can now be reached between Monday and Friday from 8am to 4pm. This company requires all applicants to be aged at least 20 and an employment verification call may be made. This is the first (and only) UK lender to offer a free loan to welcome new customers in. They don’t tend to promote this local service much, with their Central and Northern European ventures being primary to them (Poland is their top priority). The Ferratum Group is the only other Euro finance outfit active in such a wide range of locations (approx 20).