TSB Overdraft Charges @ www.tsb.co.uk

TSB Overdraft Charges

TSB (Trustee Savings Bank) started out life in 1810. Most people will be aware of them through the times that they merged with Lloyds. There has now been a split and the brand will be sold off soon, but for now it is still partly owned. Their branch network has received a revamp and there are just over 630 of these across the UK. Will Samuel is the Chairman. We studied the TSB overdraft charges headed at www.tsb.co.uk that as you will guess are similar to Lloyds. Their most popular accounts include Classic and Classic Plus. The Plus differs in offering 5% AER on balances up to £2000 (must pay in £500).

These each include £25 interest-free overdrafts to get you started and then a usage fee of £6 comes in alongside 19.94% EAR. You can purchase a Control upgrade for £10 a month that is designed around preventing fees for overdrafts. Then there is the Added Value Accounts that have monthly costs. This includes Silver (£9.95) and Platinum (£17). The Silver interest-free rate covers £50 and Platinum extends to £300. These offerings include AA and AXA insurance. Some of the accounts previously available at www.tsb.co.uk have now been removed that includes Gold, Premier and Select. There is an account for graduates and students. Fee-free deals are included.

Other active bank accounts include the Cash Account for basic banking and the Islamic Account. When it comes to the Unplanned TSB overdraft charges, there is always a £10 buffer. This follows with a £6 usage fee and 19.94% interest. The daily fees are set at £5 up to £25 and £10 daily for anything above, but they impose 8 fees max throughout the month. I did spot that for returned items you are charged £10 for each item. The discussed charges are similar to Lloyds. Perhaps this will change when the brand is fully sold off. You can of course receive 5% on balances here that helps them to stand out.