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Trusted Quid has been springing up for the first time on a range of payday review sites this year, although they have actually been active since back in 2011. This brand release from Trusted Cash Ltd is served through the site and this team is based up in Scotland in Livingston. This direct lender offers monthly payday loans that start small for new customers between £100 and £150, although a higher sum of £750 is possible in the future. The pricing rate sits at 30% and so you pay £30 interest on each £100 borrowed from them. Same day funding is optional and this is priced at £10.

They do reward existing customers though who won’t have pay for this speedy transfer. The Trusted Quid loans brand has flew under the radar, but as noted they have started to attract more attention over 2014. From checks made, there aren’t many reviews across the web that makes it difficult to determine how well their service is being received. There is a secure Trusted Quid login attached to and they do hold BCCA membership (and a place with the CSA although this covers debt collection). If you are opting for their same day funding option then the application must be processed before 3.30pm.

These times apply to Monday and Friday only. Applicants must be in full time employment and be earning at least £1000 each month. There is certainly room for improvement, since various lenders trade over the weekends and we have introduced a number of monthly services that charges less than 30%. It is good to see that they do at least hand their loyal customers with free fast transfers. There aren’t many online Scottish lenders, with most of the business being played out on the high street (there are approx 200 shops). There was actually a recent summit in Glasgow where they were campaigning to take down this booming industry.