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The THL Direct loans service will be uncovered here that follows on from previously looking at Fancy a Payday that arises from the same owner. This product has been available through since the end of 2008 and so it was the initial product to be released with the other following in 2009. Despite the age gap, the popularity of each stands at around the same level. There is no information provided surrounding the available loan amounts, but the range previously stood from £100 to £250. At this time on the application form there is one single restricted amount of £150 that can be taken though.

For the product pricing, if you can be patient with slow funding then you can just pay the £30 per £100 interest charge. For same day loans though you will have to add on £25 for fast funding and 30% interest on this transmission fee to equal £7.50. This total is £62.50, but due to the set sum of £150 this charge would calculate as (£45 + £25 + £7.50) that totals as £77.50. Just as an update, there is a listed £3.99 admin fee on the Fancy a Payday site, but this charge is not shown on this one (it may be asked for though).

At Fancy a Payday you are forced to apply for the same day option, but there is no note surrounding that here (you may wish to ring them to confirm). No account login is equipped within the website and they don’t encrypt applications as well that you would expect to see from such an experienced lender. The THL Direct contact times are listed between Monday and Friday as 9am to 6pm. All qualifying applicants must be aged 21 or above and be earning at least £900 in their pay packet each month. Be aware as well that they do contact your workplace as part of their verification checks.