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Swift Sterling

2015 Updates:
~ Fixed monthly terms have now been scrapped. They now head an instalment term, although this sits just below 2 months at 50 days.
~ The cost was £29.98 per £100 borrowed. A single representative example is now provided at (£85.28 per £300). This works out at 0.569% daily.
~ There has also been an update with the accessible loan sums. Existing customers can now receive as much as £1500.
~ Verification calls no longer need to be made. In select circumstances, they will now just ask that documents are faxed or uploaded.
~ Finally, they state that the funds should be received on the same day. They have historically stated that a delay of a day should be expected.

Swift Sterling loans have been available through www.swiftsterling.co.uk since back in 2010. Although this company arrived fairly recently, they have already witnessed significant growth across the industry. The owner also operates locally as Pounds Till Payday that came much earlier in the year 2006. This brand is a release of the Northway Group who have setup camp in sunny Malta. The local market is the most important destination to them, although they do trade in other countries spanning the globe such as in the emerging Australian sector (as Payday Mate). These loans carry a set monthly term and they are matched to PTP in every way.

This monthly product starts small for first time applicants covering loans between £100 and £200. The maximum sum possible for existing clients is much higher at £1000. The pricing is set just below 30% overall with the charge per £100 borrowed being £29.98 covering interest. There is no transfer fee charge to add on to this. They mention that the funds usually arrive by the next morning. A Swift Sterling login has been added to www.swiftsterling.co.uk and this is fully secure. The customer support team can be reached between Monday and Friday from 7am to 9pm and on each Saturday from 9am to 6pm.

The noted operational times are important to highlight since all new applications must be verified with a phone call during these times (tel: 08000 12 40 80). CCTA membership is held here. As noted, Northway also trades locally as Pounds Till Payday that was the first arrival of the pair. For many years they split the applications and the account management on two separate websites there. They have recently updated this older brand (see their intro post for more details). As it stands, there is little difference between the older company and Swift Sterling. You may find it easier to reach the advisors here though due to their active social media presence.