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SRJ Debt Recoveries (SRJPay)

SRJ Debt Recoveries Ltd is a collection agency that is part of the prominent Interlaken Group. They were recently referenced here due to their ownership of Fredrickson International who are a key industry name. As it was covered there, Interlaken was took over by the Lowell Group not to long back in 2013 that has taken this Group close to Moorcroft who are chasing up the highest volume of consumer debts in the UK. This agency in discussion is based in Woking (Surrey) and they reached the market back in the year 2005. SRJ Debt that is found at provides information surrounding their background and catered services.

Then there is SRJPay that is used for taking in payments from debtors and this is done through This collection agency takes on much less business than their sister-brand Fredrickson, but they were only introduced in 2005 and so have they had to play catch up with the entire industry. Over these years, they have tended to focus their efforts on purchasing debts in financial markets. They are qualified in this area and also in Court Action with the CSA and so they are very much active on the doorstep and legal side. SRJ Debt Recoveries Ltd rank close to the 30th mark for total market share.

They are much more popular than those DCAs that rank in similar positions to them though. The affiliated Fredrickson and Lowell brands are of course each top 5 agencies. The SRJPay website at takes payments securely and there is even a login facility attached. To reach hold of their customer advisors you can do this on the phone number of 0203 147 8639. You can alternatively just send a private message to them once you signup and login to your account. We will have to wait and see what plans their new owner has for them, but I’m sure that they will choose to keep them active.